SMOKE is billowing over the A120 a fire broke out in Elmstead Market.

Pictures from residents as they have driven past show a large amount of smoke flying overhead which could effect visibility on the road.

Firefighters confirmed the blaze broke out in a field in Tye Road, at around 2.30pm today.

Fire crews from Colchester, Clacton, Weeley, Brightlingsea, Wivenhoe and Coggeshall were called out to the incident, which is still ongoing.

A spokesman for Essex Fire and Rescue, said: "Crews are currently at the scene of a field fire.

"On arrival firefighters reported that the fire was affecting around 10 acres of standing corn.

"Firefighters are using hose reels, backpack sprayers and beaters to contain the fire and stop it spreading."

A member of staff at the services on the A120 added: "A field has gone up just on the other side of us, on this side of the carriageway.

"It is an area going towards Harwich.

We cannot see what has actually caused it as we have a large bank of trees blocking our view, but two fire engines are at the scene and there is another one here as a precaution."

The incident is still ongoing, more information as we receive it.