POLICE in Clacton arrested five people on suspected drug driving and being uninsured on a two day operation.

A road safety operation was carried out on Thursday 22 August and Friday 23 August to ensure people were travelling safely and to stop any criminals who were using the roads.

During the two days, 93 people were found to be driving without seatbelts.

Officers also arrested five drivers on suspicion of drug-driving and identified five drivers without insurance.

Other offences including people having cars in a dangerous condition and driving while using a mobile phone.

Matt Hine, road crime manager for Essex Police, said: “We spoke to more than 600 people over two days, which ranged from giving advice to drivers about child seats to making arrests for drug-driving.

“Shockingly there are still a large number of people who are not using seatbelts.

“I can’t reiterate enough how drivers must ensure that they and their passengers are safely buckled up and that their cars are in a fit and legal state for use on the road.

“This is to ensure you and your passengers are safe, as well as other road users.”