A BOUTIQUE treated a young girl to a pampered up photoshoot after bullies ruined her school prom.

Kelly Nicholls, 42, owner of Blue Beau Boutique in Benfleet, made contact with 16-year-old Emilee Perry after seeing a post shared by her mother on social media in June.

Emilee, who suffers from severe anxiety, was persuaded by her family to attend her school prom, only to have a bully throw a full jug of juice over her, ruining her dress, make-up and hair.

The post ended up going viral and Emilee received a huge amount of support from many people.

Yesterday, Kelly along with photographer Kerry Green, make-up artists from Vie Aesthetics and hairdresser Lisa Higgs, treated Emilee to a full day of photoshoots with make-up, hair styling and dresses provided free of charge at Seven Hotel in Southend.

Kelly said: “I remember seeing the post from Emilee’s mother and thought it was absolutely horrible, and knew I needed to message her and see if they would want to come down to us for a free photoshoot.

“She had her prom ruined by some nasty people, we wanted to give her a prom experience that she would enjoy and remember.

“We want to highlight that bullying is never okay and these people do not know by their actions the mental effects on someone, which can last forever.”

Emilee was also joined by model Darcey Hayes and Dani Brant, 22, who came third in the Miss Essex beauty contest this year.

Emilee said: “I was a bit nervous coming down here with my anxiety, but I’ve always wanted to do it.

It’s been really lovely, and Kelly has really helped me feel comfortable and has encouraged me to push myself and try different things.

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity to do this. I’d say to anyone struggling with anxiety and confidence to just speak to people, as no one will think any less of you.”

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