The news that a private midwifery service contracted locally by the NHS collapsed with only two days notice is deplorable.

I would agree with your editorial in response to this latest disaster, that it raises the issue of contracts within the NHS.

However, I would go further and question the diligence of the North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) when it awards such arrangements.

I believe something similar occurred with the dermatology service earlier this year.

There appear to be a number of contracts awarded with public money to outsource various services.

When something fails it is the traditional NHS, whose coffers have been depleted by the Clinical Commissioning Group using alternative organisations, which has to pick up the pieces.

It cannot be prudent financial management as no doubt more money must be used to salvage the situation?

It is astonishing that only a couple of weeks ago, your newspaper reported that NHS England had designated this Clinical Commissioning Group as “outstanding” and went on to applaud their “pro-active approach to system working”, “ strong leadership”, and “commendable approach to organisational development”.

I note that patient care was not mentioned.

Marilyn Jones

Hewitt Road Harwich