ANOTHER case of the deadly Strep A infection has been recorded in mid Essex.

Health bosses have revealed there has now been 34 confirmed reports of the invasive strand of Group A streptococcus (IGAS) in the Braintree, Maldon and Chelmsford districts and 13 people have died as a result of contracting the infection.

The Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group says the 13th death, which was announced yesterday, did not occur recently and has been linked to the outbreak by experts.

A spokesman said: “As part of the monitoring and risk assessments of this outbreak, Public Health England (PHE) have further reviewed how cases are defined in this outbreak to ensure that all appropriate cases are captured and investigated.

“As a result, an additional case has been added to the total outbreak count.

“This patient passed away with sepsis earlier this year. The case was previously not included in the iGAS count.”

The CCG says the latest person diagnosed with the invasive strand of strep A is receiving treatment.

Those affected by the iGAS outbreak are older people and the majority of patients affected were receiving treatment for wounds, with some in care homes but most in their own homes.

Strep A is bacteria that can be found in the throat and on the skin which can become deadly if it enters the body and organs such as muscles, lungs, or even the bloodstream.

Symptoms include a high fever, sore threat, aching muscles and redness around a wound.

The CCG is continuing to investigate the cause of the outbreak along with the help of Public Health England, Provide Community Interest Company, who provide the majority of mid Essex community health services, NHS England and NHS Improvement.

Steps taken to contain the spread of the infection include a "deep clean" of community nursing stations and some nurses have been given antibiotics as a precaution.

Anyone with concerns about the outbreak should call 03000 032124.