THE desperate owner of an African grey parrot has urged people to be on the look out after her beloved bird escaped.

Jackie Slocombe has had Roxy for the last decade - even watching her hatch when she was a chick.

But for the last four years the bird has been unable to fly because of an injury to her wing.

Jackie was bringing Roxy back into her home from the aviary in her back garden in Manningtree Road, Dedham, when Roxy suddenly took flight again and escaped through an open door.

Jackie and her family have launched a search for the parrot but have so far had no luck.

She is now pleading for any information about her whereabouts in a bid to get her back safe and sound.

Animal lover Jackie said: “We have had her since she was hatched - we actually watched it happen.

“In total she has been with us for ten years.

“But about four years ago she broke her wing and we thought she couldn’t fly.

“She has got a massive aviary outside and we were trying to bring her in when she just flew out the open door.

“We just worry somebody might have stolen her.”

Roxy is microchipped so a vet scanning her would be able to contact Jackie immediately and also has a ring around her foot with a unique identification number on.

Jackie said they did not think she would be able to get far because of her wing.

She added: “We are estimating it would be between one and two miles where she is most likely to be.

“Honestly, we just did not think she was capable of flying.

“What worries me is she is so tame - she will fly to anyone and plays with my dogs and cat.

“We are absolutely desperate to get her back with us safe and sound.”

Anyone who thinks they have seen Roxy is asked to call Jackie as soon as possible on 01206 322884 or 07789898933.