Not one, but two community schemes are suffering this week after damage over the weekend.

The Parkeston Community Hub suffered a devastating fire, while the community buses for the dial-a-ride and hospital hopper were targeted by crooks.

It’s not known whether the fire was deliberate, but if it was, then it’s a horrendous act of mindless and dangerous damage.

Why target the services that help the people of the local community?

While the cause of the fire is unknown, the buses were deliberately broken by thieves stealing expensive parts.

It’s a low blow when those buses take the elderly, vulnerable and others unable to drive to appointments for their health.

These are run and funded by charities, which are solely focused on helping the community.

They need support, not to be targeted by criminals out to make quick cash.

Now, those charities will have to look into how they go about picking up the pieces and making the repairs.

For the community hub, that repair work could take some time and it’s youngsters that will suffer its loss.