The Campaign Against Urban Sprawl in Essex is to be congratulated for its relentless campaigning to prevent a new town called West Tey being built on open countryside stretching from Marks Tey to Coggeshall.

Its detailed research has exposed the flaws in what is proposed by Essex County Council, Colchester Council, Braintree Council and Tendring Council.

However, despite its name it should be noted Cause is not against urban sprawl everywhere in Essex.

It has openly supported “urban sprawl” on the open countryside to the east of Colchester as far as Elmstead Market.

I was at a meeting of Tendring Council’s Local Plan Committee, held in Clacton Town Hall, where a representative from Cause supported massive development of the fields between Colchester and Elmstead.

I attended the same meeting to speak against this urban sprawl.

I will further point out an influential cheerleader supporting Cause has also openly advocated “urban sprawl” when he backed the concept of a massive housing estate on Middlewick Ranges in Colchester, which would merge the existing communities of Old Heath and Monkwick.

He falsely stated the Army Ranges are a “brownfield site” whereas in reality the land is mostly open countryside, rich in wildlife and unspoilt natural habitat, of great visual and environmental benefit whose loss would be a planning outrage.

I hope Colchester Council will withdraw its support for “urban sprawl” to the east of the town, between Greenstead and Elmstead Market, and on Middlewick in the south of the town.

Colchester needs open spaces. The borough council achieved this with High Woods Country Park and Cymbeline Meadows.

It can be done – if the political will is there.

Sir Bob Russell

Catchpool Road, Colchester