A radio DJ famous for broadcasting to a single listener for almost half a century has visited his inspirational roots.

Deke Duncan, who operates a station from of his garden shed, visited Radio Caroline on the River Blackwater.

After 55 years of following the radio station which inspired him to broadcast, he was invited by Radio Caroline DJ Ray Clark on a tour of the Ross Revenge ship.

Deke, who runs Radio 77 from his home in Stockport, was inspired by the pirate station in the 1960s, and has been broadcasting to his only listener – wife Teresa – for 45 years.

He started the project his garden shed in Stevenage in 1974.

An emotional Deke said: “It’s fabulous, there just one word for it – fabulous. It’s a dream come true.”

He was accompanied by pal Richard St John, who helps him with Radio 77, former Caroline and BBC presenter Colin Berry, and BBC Three Counties presenter Justin Dealey.