A WOMAN has admitted causing death by dangerous driving after her car smashed into a grandfather and killed him.

Kellie Tandy was driving a Volkswagen which hit 74-year-old Ronald Ramsey on May 11 last year.

Mr Ramsey had been walking his dog outside The Hoy pub in St Osyth, when Tandy lost control of her car.

Tandy, 38, of St John’s Road, Clacton, had been driving over the 30mph speed limit, at speeds of up to 66mph in the lead up to the crash.

Tandy appeared at Chelmsford Crown Court yesterday, where she admitted the charge of causing death by dangerous driving.

She also admitted to failing to provide a specimen for analysis and driving without insurance.

At a previous court hearing, it was heard she had lost control of the car when she was driving along Colchester Road towards the crossroads with a silver Audi ahead.

The driver of the Audi stopped, wanting to turn right.

As Tandy reached the junction she was driving above the speed limit and swerved to the left.

In doing so her car drove into Mr Ramsey who was walking along the footpath to the side of the pub.

He was hit by the Volkswagen and was pushed into the pub.

There had been extensive damage to The Hoy and Mr Ramsey died shortly after at the scene.

A previous court hearing was told his last words to medics who tried to save him were “Tell my wife I love her.”

After the crash Tandy was taken to Colchester Hospital where she was treated for a broken leg.

She continued to be unco-operative and did not provide a urine sample for drink or drug testing.

A post-mortem examination showed Mr Ramsey died from multiple injuries due to blunt trauma.

In the days after his death, Mr Ramsey’s devastated family paid tribute to him .

They said: “As we struggle to understand the devastation we have been left to deal with, we take strength knowing what high regard friends and villagers had for Ronnie, my dad and a brilliant granddad.”

Mr Ramsey’s family sat in the court room as an emotional Tandy admitted to the charges.

There was mention of Tandy having her licence suspended immediately however, before leaving the dock, Tandy told the court: “I have given in my licence, I have not driven since that day, and I won’t.”

The case was adjourned and Tandy will appear again at Chelmsford Crown Court for sentencing on November 5.