LIFEBOAT volunteers rescued two people who became trapped after their 20ft motor cruiser ran aground.

Clacton’s RNLI volunteers launched their Atlantic class lifeboat to find and help a boat aground in the backwaters at Walton.

Shortly before 9pm on Sunday, the lifeboat set off with four crew members.

Joff Strutt joined the team as one of two helmsmen, due to his in-depth knowledge of the area.

He had the task of safely navigating the second helmsman to and from the stricken vessel at low water.

After an initial search proved fruitless, the coastguard was able to narrow down the area to the entrance to Hamford Water.

The lifeboat crew spotted an SOS signal being flashed, later found to be from a casualty’s mobile phone.

The lifeboat pulled the cruiser free and took it to Titchmarsh Marina.

Once the two occupants were safely ashore the lifeboat returned to station.

Mr Strutt said: “It’s not often we will launch with two helmsmen aboard, but it was deemed prudent by our senior helmsman as it was outside our usual operating area.

“I have used these waters recreationally from an early age.”