KIND Millie Bell-Smith has shown her solidarity with the millions of men and women with cancer in the UK by having her hair cut off.

And for Millie, seven, it was her second hair cut for the Little Princess Trust and Cancer Research.

At age four, the Cann Hall Primary School chopped her waist-length locks into a bob, raising £1,500, and now has a £2,000 target.

Mum Emma, of Clacton, said: “Millie was so excited about cutting her hair this time. As she says, the ‘bald children’ will be happy they’ll now have hair of her own.

“All she says is how much she loves her shorter hair.

“Everyone at school was really eager to tell her how lovely it is and one of the girls in her year wants to now cut and grow hers, so it’s rubbing off.”

Millie is part of a family who has fiercely fundraised for cancer research, something which Emma, 37, began before her daughter was born.

Millie’s dad, Alan, lost his uncle to cancer and the disease also affected both his sisters who fortunately came through their treatment.

Emma said: “I’m not sure how much Millie understands at her age but she’s definitely aware of cancer as we’re quite open about.

“How I started is I began doing Relay for Life in Colchester and kept doing it while I was pregnant with Millie so she’s been walking the race ever since she was a tot.

“We do activities all year round from stripper nights to psychic events. We take part in Relay for Life, Bubble Rush and on September 16 are hosting Paw’s for Life, which is a dog walk from Clacton Pier to the Beach Haven cafe.

“Cancer Research has progressed so much and hopefully one day they will be able to treat everything so it won’t be such a concern for my daughter or future grandchildren.”

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