A so-called "sexy superstore" has applied for a premises licence and wants to show trailers for adult movies inside the premises.

Pulse and Cocktails, the largest sex shop chain in the country, opened its latest store just off the A12 at Rivenhall in April.

Now the business has applied for a Sex Establishment Licence from Braintree Council which will allow it to increase the variety of its stock - adding adult films and more choice of adult toys.

Graham Kidd, director of Pulse and Cocktails, has written to Braintree Council in support of the licensing application.

The letter states: "We have an excellent relationship with all the authorities where we trade and an equally good relationship with businesses, residents and other associations who are our neighbours, objections to licence renewals are non-existent.

"Our stores and our customers have a positive impact all round.

"We provide employment within the area and other businesses and services benefit from our custom.

"As we have been running our business for over 20 years with stores that all have a Sex Establishment Licence, it is important that this store is also licensed to enable us to operate it in the same way.

"The external appearance and layout of the store will not change with a licence, the only fundamental change will be the amount and variety of stock available which will include the addition of adult films and an increase in the choice of adult toys."

The business wants to vary the standard Sex Establishment Licence so a single screen in the DVD section of the store can be used to show trailers, at a maximum length of three minutes, for adult films.

One objection has been raised in relation to the application since it was submitted in May.

The objector, who cannot be named due to data protection, states people have been spotted walking across the A12 carriageway to get to the store since it opened.

Braintree Council's licensing committee will have the final say on the application at a meeting this evening (Thursday, July 19).

Pulse and Cocktails opened in the premises of the former Empire Diner, creating five new jobs. The business runs 24 similar premises across the country.