A shop owner admits he feels powerless to prevent crime after his store was robbed by thieves.

More than £400 was stolen from Piccadilly newsagents in Halstead when two men pushed a cashier and took cash from a till.

Essex Police is investigating the robbery and is appealing for witnesses to come forward.

Shop owner Nick Shaw said although he remains hopeful the robbers will be caught, he is fearful his store will remain a target for criminals.

He said: “You never know when something like this will happen.

“We had someone break the front window three months back. Then someone tried to break-in around the back a few weeks ago so we’ve had a difficult time of it recently.

“Once you’ve started having a few problems like this you start to just expect it to happen.

“It’s almost like I’m now waiting for the next one.”

Mr Shaw confirmed the member of staff caught up in the robbery was unharmed but was both shaken and upset.

He added: “It looks like they left fingerprints on the drink they went to buy and then on the door so hopefully the police will catch up with them soon.

“Most people go about their lives earning a living but then there’s a few others who have no regard for others and just prey on the innocent.

“It can happen anywhere really because these people are becoming more brazen.

“We are going to have to rearrange how we manage the rota for the shop so that we have at least two people around at one time.”

Anyone with information about the robbery, which took place around 1pm on Monday, is asked to contact Braintree CID on 101, quoting incident 475 of June 4.

Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.