A YOUNG woman from Maldon is appealing for help to raise funds to bury her mother who has sadly died.

Sharon Williams, 49, of Colchester Road, Heybridge, died suddenly of a major stroke of February 26.

She had lived in the area for nearly 30 years, and leaves behind two children and some distant family members.

Her daughter Lana Williams, 22, now faces the strenuous task of organising her mother’s funeral.

Sadly, she has not been able to access any financial support to fund a funeral.

The former Plume Academy student has set up a crowdfunding page and is appealing to the public to help her raise £3,000 to cover the cost of a funeral for her departed mother.

Lana said: “I have found myself being the only family member that is able to cope with the strain of organising and trying to find the money for the funeral.

“I am only 22 years old myself, and have not been able to get any other support for the cost of a basic funeral. So I am asking please can people help me to lay my mum to rest.

“My mum was a kind lady who tried to help everyone she could even if it meant going without herself.

“She brought two children up on her own and tried her best in everything.

“My mum was very supportive of my brother and me and our hobbies. She was always at any event that there was.

“Our mum was one of kind, quirky, and set in her ways, but we couldn't have wished for a better mum.”

Lana set up her crowdfunding page on Monday, and has since raised more than £230.

She added: “If anyone can spare any donation, or share the page around it will help so much.”

To donate, visit www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/sharonwilliams