A MAN who nearly died three times is defying the odds as he battles to walk again.

Brookin Johnson, from Gosfield, has suffered from Fibromyalgia for 15 years.

The 30-year-old, of Church Road, faces a daily struggle with pain and stiffness in his muscles.

He was also involved in two road accidents in 2015 and when he was paralysed from the chest down following spinal complications.

In March last year, Brookin finally collapsed and was taken to Ipswich Hospital.

He was transferred to Stoke Mandeville in June and has been bedbound there ever since.

His mum, Jackie Rainbird, said she has watched him hold on to life three times since.

She said: “He has deteriorated but he is clinging on to life because he’s determined to walk again. Fibromyalgia is a crippling disease, it wears him down.

“He has had to put up with much of this himself, it’s had a huge impact on his life.”

Mr Johnson, who was starting a modelling career, has had septicaemia twice and a mass blood clot on his lungs.

But this week, he was up and about for the first time in months.

She said: “There have been times where I never thought he would pull through and he does, he loves life. He has had infection after infection, but his mind is so strong.”

As part of his condition, Brookin feels a permanent burning sensation, and will spend two hours every morning in the shower.

Ms Rainbird said: “He doesn’t sleep during the night, one night to him feels like a week, it’s torture as he grips on to the bed in pain. There are times where he says he can’t do this and he can’t take it any more.”

She plans to fly him to America for stem cell treatment.

She said: “We need to find a way to stimulate the rest of his body and that’s why he is living.

“He is larger than life and I believe he has got the willpower to get there. He was told he would never walk again, but if anybody can do this, he can.”

See gofundme.com/brookinjohnson

Halstead Gazette:

FRIENDS and family are fundraising to fly a Gosfield man to America for stem cell treatment.

Ronnie Buckingham, from Braintree, raised £1,040 with a psychic medium event at the Nags Head in Braintree in aid of Brookin Johnson.

More than £35,000 has been raised for him so far, and his mum is trying to raise £80,000 for vital treatment.

Mr Buckingham said he has been to visit Brookin in hospital, and he is in constant pain.

He said: “I know Brookin as we both went to the Complete Health and Fitness gym in Braintree together.

“He came to one of my psychic readings once.

“I went to visit him in hospital and my heart just went out to him.

"He was a really great tennis and football player and it just broke my heart seeing him sitting there.”

A boxing event at the Three Rivers Golf and Country Club in Cold Norton is being organised by his friends John Clarke and Brian Reece.

It will be held on April 21.

Call 07517 658569 for more information.

His mum, Jackie Rainbird, is also planning a parachute jump.

Details can be found at www.goskydive.com/help-brookin-johnson.

She is also looking for companies to take part in a fundraising event at

Orsett Hall in May.

E-mail jackierainbird@hotmail.com.

Visit http://ukfibromyalgia.com.