A man has had his motorbike and push bike stolen from his garage by two brazen thieves.

Nick Bond, of Oak Yard, off of High Street, Halstead, has released CCTV footage of the two men in the hope that they will be caught.

The took his black MZ Baghira motorbike, worth about £2,500, and orange Connodale JEKYLL mountain bike, worth about £1,500.

Halstead Gazette:

Mr Bond, who has lived in Halstead for ten years, said: “The two youngish men were in their 20s and were both white.

“The taller one had the beginnings of a beard.

“They stole the key fob from my Alfa Romeo - we are not sure how they got in.

“I am sure I locked it, but there is no damage to the car.

“It could be that they had copied the key frequency that I used - they have many ways of getting into cars.

“They only stole the key fob and with that opened the garage.”

Halstead Gazette:

The thieves can then be seen walking away whilst the garage opens, returning five seconds later to steal the bike and motorbike.

They were then wheeled away in the direction of Butler Road.

Mr Bond was able to follow the tracks left and believes he was targeted.

“They knew what they were looking for and what they were taking,” he added.

“I was asleep on the sofa only eight feet away from them.

“It is just annoying.

“The mountain bike only has one fork over the front wheel so it is quite a special looking bike.

“It looks quite unique.

“I used to go mountain biking quite a lot.

“The motorbike is also quite rare.”

Halstead Gazette:

He added that although he was insured, it would not be worth having to pay the excess.

“I am just hoping that someone has seen them or knows where they are,” he added.

The theft happened at 4.30am on March 5.

Anyone with information is asked to call Braintree police station on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.