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With everything going on in the world right now, we could all benefit from a nice stiff drink to take some of the edge off. The only problem? The pub is closed. But fear not, you can make delicious cocktails that are (almost) as good as your favourite bartenders as long as you have the right equipment. From a top-rated shaker to a citrus juicer, we've rounded up some of the must-have products for your home bar—all you have to do is add alcohol. Cheers!

1. This alternative to ice

Halstead Gazette: Photo: AmerigoPhoto: Amerigo

An ice-cold drink is great. An ice-cold drink that's become watered down by said ice? Not so much. The solution is a set of whisky stones like these stainless steel ones from Amerigo. They're easy to use (simply put them in the freezer a few hours before you want your cocktail) and they'll keep your drink nice and chilled without diluting it.

Get the Stainless Steel Whisky Stones Gift Set from Amazon for £16.99

2. This cocktail shaker

Halstead Gazette: Photo: Premier HousewaresPhoto: Premier Housewares

No home bar is complete without a good-quality cocktail shaker. This one has an adjustable lid and base that you twist to find the ingredients (and measurements) for classic cocktails like margaritas, cosmopolitans, and more. Bonus: It also comes with a strainer so any unwanted ice cubes or mix-ins don't slip into your drink.

Get the Premier Housewares Cocktail Shaker from Amazon for £15.95

3. This stylish bar spoon

Halstead Gazette: Photo: bar@drinkstuffPhoto: bar@drinkstuff

Trying to properly mix a cocktail with a regular spoon is like trying to scrub your floors with a toothbrush—it's just not that effective. That's why the bar spoon was invented. Reviewers love this elegant one because its long handle (which has a twisted design made specifically for smoother stirring) allows you to get to the bottom of even the tallest glass. 

Get the bar@drinkstuff Mixing Spoon from at Amazon for £5.85

4. This popular muddler

Halstead Gazette: Photo: Vacu VinPhoto: Vacu Vin

Whether you're making a minty mojito or an orange-infused old-fashioned, you'll need a muddler. This one can crush both leaves and fruit and the rubber end won't damage your glasses. 

Get the Vacu Vin Cocktail Muddler from Amazon for £6.99

5. This must-have ingredient

Halstead Gazette: Photo: AngosturaPhoto: Angostura

Behind every delicious drink is likely a dash of aromatic bitters. And the number one best-selling bitters in the world—and the most recognizable—is Angostura bitters. Reviewers rave that the Angostura brand is the most flavorful of the bitters they've tried and they like that it adds extra spice and depth to whisky and bourbon cocktails, in particular.

Get Angostura Bitters from Amazon for £17.79

6. This stainless steel strainer​

Halstead Gazette: Photo: Sky FishPhoto: Sky Fish

There's nothing worse than taking a big sip of your drink—only to get a mouthful of pulp. Enter a handheld strainer, which every bartender (novice and professional alike!) knows to be a must-have. 

Get the Rink Drink Hawthorne Cocktail Strainer from Amazon for £3.99

7. These stunning whisky glasses

Halstead Gazette: Photo: CorkciclePhoto: Corkcicle

You worked too hard making that fancy cocktail to serve it in a basic glass (or worse, a plastic cup). Pour it into one of these elegant whisky glasses instead. Made by cult-favourite brand Corkcicle, the glasses are very durable—according to their hundreds of rave reviews—and include a silicone mould for making ice "wedges" that fit neatly into the glasses.

Get the Whiskey Wedge from Trouva for £20.00

8. This citrus juicer

Halstead Gazette: Photo: KitchenCraftPhoto: KitchenCraft

Something about fresh-squeezed juice in a drink just tastes better than the bottled alternative. Hence why you should always use a juicer.

Get the KitchenCraft Healthy Eating Citrus Juicer from Amazon for £6.99

9. This bottle topper for the perfect pour

Halstead Gazette: Photo: Bar SpiritsPhoto: Bar Spirits

There's a reason your bartender always uses a pourer when they're making your drink—it controls the amount of liquor coming out so you don't end up with four shots instead of two (which would be fun for tonight, maybe, but not tomorrow). People like that these ones fit snugly on their bottles and that the vents allow for a smoother pour.

Get the Bar Spirits Pourer Spout from Amazon for £14.99

10. This gadget for making salt rims

Halstead Gazette: Credit: BarcraftCredit: Barcraft

Everyone knows the best part of a margarita isn't the tequila—it's the salt rim. But as the person making the drinks, you also know said salt rim can be messy to achieve. Unless you have this glass rimmer, that is.

Get the Barcraft 3-in-1 Cocktail Glass Rimmer from Amazon for £14.99

11. This chic jigger

Halstead Gazette: Photo: Lillywhite & Brown LondonPhoto: Lillywhite & Brown London

Why use a plain old jigger when you could use this stunning rose gold one? The Lillywhite & Brown jigger is elegantly designed and it makes measuring out liquor so easy.

Get the Stainless Steel Jigger/Spirit Measure Set from Amazon for £14.99

12. This mould to take your ice to a new level

Halstead Gazette: Credit: KompanionCredit: Kompanion

Regular ice is just so, well, regular. Upgrade your cubes with a sphere ice mould like this one by Twist & Tumbler. Reviewers say that the spheres hold their shape for hours, melting slower than standard ice so your drink stays cold but not watered-down.

Get the XXL Sphere Ice Mould from Amazon for £12.98

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