Broadcaster ITV has confirmed that a popular talent show will not be returning after just one series.

The show, Mamma Mia! I Have A Dream saw a group of West End hopefuls battle it out in hopes of winning the lead roles of Sophie and Sky in the West End production of the Abba-inspired show to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

In the first series of the show Stevie Doc and Tobia Turley win the roles and take to the London stage.

The talent show was hosted by Zoe Ball and saw the likes of Alan Carr, singer Jessie Ware and theatre stars Amber Riley and Samantha Banks judge.

Ball had hinted that the show would not be returning on her BBC Radio 2 breakfast show when she was joined by Carr.

Sharing: “Aww d'you know what? We're not going back to Corfu [where the show was filmed] - it's a shame. This time last year - packing our bags to go."

As Carr replied: “I loved doing that show.”

Now, ITV has confirmed Mamma Mia! I Have a Dream will not be returning.

ITV confirm Mamma Mia! I Have a Dream axed

Speaking to the Mirror, an ITV spokesperson said it was only ever meant to be a “one-off”, sharing: “Mamma Mia I Have A Dream was commissioned to celebrate 25 years of the musical, so was only ever intended to be a one-off series.”

Adding: “The show sought to find a new Sophie and Sky, who are now starring in the West End musical.”

While the Mamma Mia-inspired series has now ended and will not be returning, there are some suggestions that a similar style show for a different musical could be in production.

The BBC previously did something similar with the likes of ‘Over The Rainbow’ and ‘I’d Do Anything’ which saw talented hopefuls compete to win the roles of Dorthy in The Wizard of Oz and Nany in Oliver!