Are you a dog owner? Not according to Peta - you're its guardian. And it's not your pet, it's your companion.

The animal rights organisation has released a list of animal terms it wants to eradicate because, it claims, language 'affects the way we treat' them.

It says the Journal of Animal Ethics' academic paper says words such as 'pet' and 'pests' are derogatory.

Peta has released a set of 'animal-friendly idioms'.

It wants you to say 'cry over spilt silk' instead of 'milk', 'feed two birds with one scone' rather than 'kill two birds with one stone' and 'bring home the bagel' instead of 'bring home the bacon.'

Peta would also like the town of Wool, in Dorset, to change its name.

Here's the list of phrases it wants you to change

Instead of: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

Try: An ace in the hand is worth two in the deck

Instead of: Act like an animal

Try: Act like an ogre

Instead of: A feather in your cap

Try: A flower in your cap

Instead of: Ants in your pants

Try: Itches in your britches

Instead of: Back the wrong horse

Try: Back the wrong team

Instead of: Badger

Try: Pester

Instead of: Bats in your belfry

Try: Noodles in your noggin

Instead of: Beat a dead horse

Try: Feed a fed horse

Instead of: Be catty

Try: Backbite

Instead of: Bee in your bonnet

Try: Thorn in your side

Instead of: Be in the doghouse

Try: Be on someone’s bad side

Instead of: Bigger fish to fry

Try: Bigger fish to free