Slowly coming up the half a mile long driveway through fields, it is easy to be in awe of Felix Hall.

Despite the fact the Georgian columned mansion is now a ruin, roofless, windowless and literally a shell of its former self, its grand past comes dancing into life and it is easy to imagine it as the beautiful home it once must have been.

Sadly the hall, in Kelvedon, has been a burnt out ruin since about 1940, when it was engulfed by fire.

It is thought that a fire erupted while the owner was away and workmen had gone there to defrost pipes.

It has remained a ruin for more than 70 years but now it is on the market again, with the deadline for informal tenders on August 19.

Expected to fetch between £300,000 and £900,000, the mansion was built in 1715.