YET more delays have hit a “blighted” CCTV system which was meant to be installed next week.

Braintree Council agreed to give Halstead CCTV back in September 2007, but wrangles over cost, camera positions, red tape and then snow have meant it has missed three promised dates.

The council’s head of finance, Trevor Wilson, announced to a council meeting last November that the £126,000 system would be installed on January 29.

Halstead district councillor Michael Gage told Mr Wilson he would be “immensely happy” and look forward to the date “with great delight”.

He added: “Everyone wil mark it in their diary. The 29th is the third promise that we have had of an installation date.”

But a Braintree Council spokeswoman confirmed this week that recent snow meant the concrete could not be laid on the date planned, which has delayed the whole process.

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