Villagers believe they may have the answers to a UFO sighting.

A Haverhill couple believe they saw a UFO between two villages.

They were travelling from Bulmer to Gestingthorpe when they spotted a bright white light, square in shape with a green aurora.

Christopher Warnes posted their sighting online at, writing: “Whilst travelling back by car at 11.30pm on December 12 mine and my partners eyes were suddenly drawn towards a fast descending light in low in the sky.

“It appeared from nowhere and lasted but a second or so before disappearing equally instantaneously as it got nearer to the ground, but it had no trial.”

James Donoghue, landlord of The Pheasant pub in Gestingthorpe, remembered his customers hoping to see some shooting stars the same evening.

A Bulmer resident said:“The thing with the east Anglian skies is they’re so vast and you have such a lot of aircraft going across."