A 23 year old beautician took on a High Court barrister and won, after a housing developer brought a case against her.

With no legal training, Georgina Blackwell of Halstead fought to keep compensation of £75,000 to save her mother Sandra from bankruptcy.

Bellway Homes had agreed to pay the money after the Blackwells granted access to their garden behind their business, Halstead’s House of Beauty, last month.

The developer is building 43 homes on the Blackwell’s doorstep in Parsonage Street.

But Bellway then tried to go back on the agreement, claiming the statement agreed over phonecalls and emails was not legally binding.

They took the Blackwells to court, putting them through an emotional rollercoaster the women described as “hell on earth”.

Budding barrister Miss Blackwell, who had given up a university law place to be a beautician, said standing up in court this week was “horrendous” but she had no other choice, and could not afford a lawyer.

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