AN author is inviting youngsters to take part in a free hour-long workshop to upskill their creative writing skills at a historic 900-year-old castle.

Published author, Lisa Wakely, of Colchester, will be hosting two free creative writing workshops at Hedingham Castle’s Taptestry Room on June 30.

Lisa has built a solid reputation in the book world thanks to her novel Hexed which was released in November 2023 and follows a group of teenagers who wake up with supernatural powers.

The group accidentally awaken a witch’s curse from the 17th century and the setting was partly inspired by Hedingham Castle.

Proud - Lisa Wakely with her book, HexedProud - Lisa Wakely with her book, Hexed (Image: Lisa Wakely)

Speaking about her excitement for the event, Lisa said: “I am so looking forward to hosting these workshops at Hedingham Castle, which inspired elements of Hexed.

“So there’s a lovely synergy there.

“I really enjoy helping young writers discover their own stories so hope they leave feeling inspired after their session.”

Lisa grew up with a passion for reading and her mother would often read the Chronicles of Narnia books to her as a child.

Two sessions will run with the first being at 11.30am and the second at 2pm, spaces are free and must be booked in advance by purchasing a Summer Garden and Castle admission tickets.

Venue - Hedingham CastleVenue - Hedingham Castle (Image: Broadhouse Media)

An adult ticket costs £11 and a child ticket which covers the ages of four to 16, costs £9, family bundle tickets are also available.

A spokesman for Hedingham Castle commented on what attendees can expect from the sessions.

They said: “Lisa’s workshops will provide a hands-on opportunity for young people to delve into the craft of writing, especially with a focus on plotting suspense and finding inspiration, within the medieval grounds of Hedingham Castle.

“The sessions are designed to spark creativity and hone the writing skills of young minds and, through engaging activities.

Novel - HexedNovel - Hexed (Image: Lisa Wakely)

Reading - another workshop experienceReading - another workshop experience (Image: Lisa Wakely)

“Participants will explore various aspects of storytelling, from crafting compelling characters to building exciting plots.”

The 900-year-old-castle opens to the public at certain times of the year with jousting, archery and other events, as well as educational school visits.

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