A FAMILY cycle ride will take place as part of a campaign for a traffic-free ‘Greenway’ between Halstead and Kelvedon so all car users can travel safely.

Greenway North Essex, is a community group which started about two years ago to campaign for a traffic-free ‘Greenway’ between Halstead and Kelvedon, via Earls Colne and Coggeshall.

Organiser Jack Pierce said the reason why ‘Greenway’ is the term preferred by the group is because a traffic-free route would be good for walkers, dog-walkers, and people on mobility scooters as well as cyclists.

Jack said: “If you want to cycle between Earls Colne and Coggeshall… basically you cannot.

“You can take your life your hands to cycle in the only route, the B1064, and you have to cross the junction at the A120 – it is just too difficult."

Jack said the lack of a Greenway means that children cannot go to school on their bikes, instead being reliant on cars as there is “no bus route.”

Fundraising - The sponsored ride-out will take place on July 7Fundraising - The sponsored ride-out will take place on July 7 (Image: Submitted)

The first phase of the Greenway, planning permission, has been successful with the Marks Hall Estate and the Hobbes Estate giving permission for their land which will join to existing quiet lanes.

The second phase is fundraising with Jack adding: “It will cost a lot of money, £1.7m but in terms of building a similar path, it would be regarded as cheap.

“Most of the money is likely to come from government bodies but we also need to raise a community component, hence the cycle ride.”

The first sponsored family cycle ride-out will take place on Sunday July 7 between 10am and 12.30pm proceeds going towards the first section of the Greenway which is planned between Earls Colne and Coggeshall.

About 150 people are hoped to attend, with posters going up in libraries, parish councils, notice boards, scout groups, and in some schools as well as online.

Greenways North Essex completed a feasibility study, which was undertaken by Sustrans, before completing the planning process and can be contacted here https://www.facebook.com/groups/greenwaynorthessex/.