HALSTEAD Town Council is offering a total of up to £5,000 in grants to deserving charities.

Grants of £500 will be funded for specific projects which must be described in detail in a charity's application.

The town council is inviting charities to apply for the funding and all applicants will be evaluated at the next council meeting in July.

A spokesman said: “Halstead Town Council will be considering applications from local charities for grants at its meeting in July.

“Application forms are available from the Halstead Town Council website.”

Halstead mayor Andy Munday said: “The town council has traditionally allocated what is our grant allocation pot to deserving charities in Halstead

“We’ve helped a multitude of charities from small to large.

“The funding helps the volunteers and charities of Halstead to do what they do for the town.

“We do not plan to stop the funding and it has successfully helped charities in the past.”

All applications must be received by the town clerk by June 30 and can be sent to townclerk@halsteadtowncouncil.org.uk.

To find out more about the criteria for the grant funding, head to tinyurl.com/f5yrka6t.