A NEW green space in Halstead has been opened by the Lord Lieutenant of Essex.

Jennifer Tolhurst officially officially opened the Mindfulness Garden at Halstead Community Hospital last Thursday.

The space has been funded by the League of Friends, and supported by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).

It will be used as a tranquil space for patient rehabilitation and staff relaxation.

Halstead Gazette: Exciting - the Lord Lieutenant of Essex, Jennifer Tolhurst, adding a plant to the garden's flower bedExciting - the Lord Lieutenant of Essex, Jennifer Tolhurst, adding a plant to the garden's flower bed (Image: Provide Community)

Hospital staff and members of Provide Community, patients, family members, and members of the League of Friends also attended the opening.   

Alan Symington, chairman of the League of Friends, said: “The League of Friends of Halstead Hospital have combined with NHS Properties and Halstead in Bloom to sponsor a mindfulness garden designed and overseen by the RHS.

“The garden will provide a place for patient rehabilitation and care, as well as being a quiet oasis for Provide Community staff.

“We owe thanks to feedback from the Halstead community and Alison Findlay, the RHS lead, for all their hard work and patience overcoming numerous challenges.”

Halstead Gazette: Location - Halstead Community HospitalLocation - Halstead Community Hospital

“We are very proud of the outcome and grateful to the Lord Lieutenant of Essex for giving up her time to open the garden officially.”

The Lord Lieutenant of Essex role dates back to the 1500s.

The individual who holds the title must uphold the dignity of the royal crown in the county, encourage voluntary service, and support businesses and social occasions in Essex.

They must also greet members of the Royal Family who visit Essex, present the King’s Awards for Enterprise, and promote other causes.

At the opening event, Mrs Tolhurst added plants to a flower bed.

Director of nursing at Provide Community Bridgette Beal believes the garden represents a significant addition to the hospital and offers a serene environment.

She said: “The RHS's expertise ensured that the garden not only meets therapeutic needs but also contributes to the hospital's aesthetic appeal.

“Thank you again to everybody who has been involved in this project.

“Patients, visitors and our colleagues now have access to a space designed to promote mental health and well-being, reflecting the community’s dedication to holistic healthcare.”