Paramedics met up with a mother and her baby a year after they assisted with a dramatic birth in the car park of Chelmsford Ambulance Station.

Alex Rowson had begun the early stages of labour at her home in Old Beauliea on November 2022.

After a brief observation at Broomfield Hospital, she was instructed to return home and wait for induction the next day.

Unexpectedly, by 4am the following day, Ms Rowson's contractions quickened, and her husband Tim rang the hospital to inform them they were heading their way.

However, the baby would not hold on and she soon made her appearance at the very doors of the Chelmsford Ambulance Station.

Alex Rowson said: "I said to Tim, you’ll have to pull into the ambulance station.

"He went to the door and rang the bell.

"The ambulance crew came out to the car, I pushed, and one of them caught the baby."

Halstead Gazette: Cecilia would not hold on and she soon made an appearance at the doors of Chelmsford Ambulance

Despite being away from the resources of a hospital maternity ward, the paramedics kept things under control.

After ensuring the new-born Cecilia was in good condition, albeit a bit cold from the ordeal.

The new mum and child were directly transported to the Broomfield Hospital's maternity unit.

Following Cecilia’s first birthday, the Rowsons decided to thank the crew who had assisted them a year ago.

They organised a meeting with the paramedics to show their gratitude and to show them how well Cecilia had grown.

It was a joyous reunion for all parties involved.

Paramedic Mike Sage, who had caught baby Cecilia on that night, was amongst the crew.

Mr Sage said: "Crews at the station were delighted to meet Alex and Tim again and see how well Cecilia is doing.

"They've adopted her as a kind of mascot as her birth certificate states her official place of birth as 'Chelmsford Ambulance Station'."