A NEW daytime parking ban looks set to be introduced in a congestion hotspot in Halstead in a bid to end traffic woes.

Halstead Town Council has agreed to set aside funds in a bid to add fresh restrictions in Trinity Street, preventing parking during the day.

The issue has been a long-standing topic of discussion for the council.

It had previously agreed to apply to the Local Highways Panel for a part-time ban in Trinity Street by the Public Gardens.

The council has also looked at double yellow lines, however, it was recommended by Essex County Councillor Chris Siddall to apply for a single yellow line parking restriction instead.

At a North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) joint committee meeting, the proposed traffic regulation order) was supported by Braintree Council leader Graham Butland and agreed in principle.

It outlines plans to implement parking restrictions from 7am to 7pm, to stop parking at busy times, but to allow residents to park in the evenings and overnight.

The restriction would be from Monday to Sunday in Trinity Street, only allowing parking outside of those times.

The council previously said Trinity Street is a “high priority route”, with congestion heavy during peak commuter periods.

It said it has received many comments on congestion in the area by those driving through, saying the road is “impossible for two vehicles to pass in opposite directions when vehicles are also parked on the road”.

The issue of slow-moving traffic adding to air pollution was also noted, especially due to young people using the route to walk to and from schools.

The council further identified issues with increased traffic due to more homes in the town.

The new restriction would cost about £2,000, which the council is set to fund from its car park major maintenance budget.

The proposed scheme did not meet the criteria for the scheme to be funded by the NEPP’s budget.

At its last meeting, the town council agreed to fund the implementation.

The move will be subject to the usual statutory consultation process.