A PASSIONATE shop owner who shut down her store last year is now ready to reopen in a prime new position in Halstead this month.

Amanda Howell, 54, is the owner of chic retro clothing store Vintage Souls, which opened in Head Street in April last year.

The store focused on selling retro womenswear, but Amanda decided to close the store just before Christmas to try find a more central base in the town.

She said the shop lost out on footfall compared to businesses located in the High Street.

Halstead Gazette: Smart - the new signage for Vintage SoulsSmart - the new signage for Vintage Souls (Image: Amanda Howell)

Amanda said: “I’ve had great support from customers so far.

“I did a survey - 95 per cent said things like ‘I love your shop but there is nowhere to park’ or ‘I drive past your shop and the window looks lovely’."

In January, a unit came up for lease in Weaver’s Court and now Vintage Souls will open there on March 23.

Amanda said: “I thought if I don’t take a chance now, I will lose out.

"I’m just down a side lane just off the High Street.

Halstead Gazette: Exciting - The inside of Vintage SoulsExciting - The inside of Vintage Souls (Image: Amanda Howell)

“The good thing is everyone parks in Weaver’s Court car park.

“It’s in a great position, right where all the footfall is.”

Amanda only picked up the keys two weeks ago but has already refurbished the unit.

Vintage Souls is focusing on women’s clothing which is more “modern bohemian” and has a distinctive “70s era feeling”.

Amanda is debuting her line of exclusive clothing and has secured some small independent brands to be featured in the store.

The business will still offer its upcycling and recycling, repairs and alteration services, and sewing lessons.

Halstead Gazette: Colourful - some of the store's garments, hats, and bags for saleColourful - some of the store's garments, hats, and bags for sale (Image: Amanda Howell)

Amanda is looking forward to the launch.

She said: “I feel excited but a little nervous, I’ve changed quite a lot in the shop compared to what I was doing before.

“I think people will like what I’m going to sell. To be truthful, I’ve done a lot of research and listened to what a lot of my customers like.

" I know what is selling and what isn’t.

“I’ve tried my best to cater for most people."