A PROPOSAL to introduce overnight motorhome parking in a car park has been discussed at a Halstead Town Council meeting.

The council discussed the issue at a meeting on Monday.

A member of the public had contacted the council to suggest marking out designated spots in council-run car parks, such as Butler Road, to attract tourism to Halstead and the surrounding areas.

As the owner of a campervan, the resident had visited Kent and Sussex where they had noticed the dedicated parking spaces for such vehicles.

They also highlighted how amenities such as fuel, refreshments and toilets were near to Butler Road.

While the council supported the idea in principle, they felt more research needed to be done before committing to the idea.

This included finding out more about residents’ views and what practical steps would need to be taken.

Malcolm Fincken, of the Holy Trinity ward, suggested implementing a consultation with residents before moving ahead with the plans.