PLANS for the retention of 10 flags at a new housing development in Halstead received no objection at a town council meeting.

The development is situated on land north of Oak Road.

Halstead Town Council discussed the plans in a meeting on Monday.

Chairman Jackie Pell proposed no objection on the condition that the flags are removed once all the houses have been sold.

Councillor Grahame McCoyd seconded the proposal, which was unanimously agreed.

Essex Highways commented on the plans prior to the town council meeting taking place.

Halstead Gazette: Area - The plans concern land north of Oak Road, pictured hereArea - The plans concern land north of Oak Road, pictured here (Image: Google)

A spokesman said the proposal was “acceptable”, having considered the application from a highways perspective.

They added all signage must be clear of the highway as they will not authorise any signage associated with the development to be placed within the highway.

Plans for nearly 40 homes in Oak Road were submitted to Braintree Council in October 2023 after previously being refused.

Braintree Council will have the final say on the application to retain the flags at the site.