RESIDENTS are being warned by Braintree Council that not cleaning up after your dog could result in a large fine after new signs were installed across Halstead.

After receiving complaints of reoccurring dog fouling, signs have been put up in Head Street and the surrounding roads.

The signs warn that any dog owners who do not clear up after their pets could be fined up to £1,000.

The yellow dog poop bins with purple binbags have now been updated with the same message - ‘Clean it up’.

Halstead Gazette: Notice - A sign in Head StreetNotice - A sign in Head Street (Image: Braintree Council)

The council’s enforcement team set up the new signage following the complaints.

A spokesman for Braintree Council took to social media to announce the new signs and what they have implemented as part of the crackdown.

They said: “We’ve installed new dog fouling signage and cleaned up existing signage as well as adding dog fouling stickers on the public litter bins.

“Alongside this, we also put out a reminder on our social media about dog fouling, why it's important to pick up your dog's poo and the consequences of getting caught.”

The council says most dog owners are responsible and that picking up dog mess means a better environment for everyone.

The council’s street scene protection officers have also been carrying out patrols in Head Street and the area to catch those responsible for dog fouling.

Halstead Gazette: Clean it up - The new sticker added to a binClean it up - The new sticker added to a bin (Image: Braintree Council)

Halstead Gazette: Dog owners be warned - Another sticker on a binDog owners be warned - Another sticker on a bin (Image: Braintree Council)

Halstead mayor Jackie Pell says dog owners must play their part and pick up any mess.

She said: “People have to pick up what is left behind, it’s part of being responsible dog owner.

“I’ve had dogs and if you take them out, you must pick it up.

“The town council also gives out free poo bags, you just have to visit our office.

Halstead Gazette: Clear message - A close-up image of the signClear message - A close-up image of the sign (Image: Braintree Council)

“Head Street is not the only road where dog fouling takes place.

"People have to accept responsibility, but some don’t take any notice.

“It’s the same situation in grass areas, it’s not acceptable.

“Unless you are prepared to be fined, then pick it up.”