RESIDENTS at a care home in Halstead shared their tips and advice for a carer soon to welcome a new addition to her life.

Revathi Mohan, a carer at Colne View care home, in Dame Mary Walk, announced she was expecting a baby girl, and residents were keen to throw her a baby shower.

Residents and team members planned a fun afternoon, with games including ‘guess the weight of the baby’ and ‘guess the size of the bump’.

Meanwhile, the home’s head chef baked a cake to celebrate the special occasion.

Fond memories were also shared by residents from when their own children were young.

They passed on a variety of tips to the mum-to-be.

Linda, 73, said: “Sometimes you need to put your feet up and relax. Babies are wonderful and I wish Revathi and her family all the best, but I hope she doesn’t forget to come back to work - we’ll miss her.”

Maureen, 80, reminded Revathi to enjoy the new-born stage by giving “lots of cuddles”, while Janet, 76, suggested ensuring both parents make time for themselves is key.

Revathi said: “I’m extremely grateful to the residents and fellow team members for such a lovely baby shower. It’s been really helpful to hear everyone’s tips and advice – I’m so excited.”

Home manager Monica Boldeata said: “Revathi is a much-loved member of the Colne View family, she’s a true team player and is adored by residents so it was important to all of us that we gave her a fantastic send-off before her maternity leave.

“We love any excuse for a party and this provided a wonderful opportunity for residents to reminisce over their own experiences with pregnancy and raising children – it was lovely to hear everyone’s stories.

“We’re all going to miss Revathi but, on behalf of everyone here at Colne View, I would like to wish her and her family all the best – we can’t wait to meet her beautiful baby girl.”