A MOVE which could see pay and display parking introduced in Halstead as “ridiculous” and a “terrible idea”.

The North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) is considering implementing a new pay and display system across the county.

A consultation is set to take place but if the system is implemented, it could affect free parking spaces in the town’s High Street and at The Centre.

Motorists can park at these spaces for free for up to an hour between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Saturday, the only exception is when the town’s market is being held.

Halstead Gazette: Parking spaces - Halstead High StreetParking spaces - Halstead High Street (Image: Google Maps)

The NEPP pay and display system would be over the same period of time.

Now, the town’s residents have taken to Facebook to comment on the situation.

Resident Jo Clayman believes this could be the final nail in the coffin for the town.

She said: “That will kill an already struggling town.

“Independent shopkeepers need support not more reasons for customers to buy online.”

Kevin Ringrose agreed with the sentiment and believes it would hinder tourism in the town.

He said: “There is going to be a problem.

“Apart from Killing off the High Street, this will drive whatever tourism the town has away.

“It’s another money-making scheme, there will be nothing left soon.”

Halstead Gazette: Location - The Centre, in HalsteadLocation - The Centre, in Halstead (Image: Google Maps)

Commenter Amanda Hislop also shared her thoughts, stating that this potential decision from NEPP would stop people from wanting to visit the area for shopping.

She said: “The North Essex Parking Partnership is giving people less incentive to shop in Halstead as the months pass by.

“The Co-op car park is already a total pain at school times, there are hardly ever any spaces in Kings Road as well.

“People want to save money, not have to pay out before they go shopping.”

Terenia Szpurko said: “Paying on the high street will put the final nail in the coffin for our town.”

Tina Clark added: “I am sure this will come in, but why not make it so the first half hour is free?

“So, if people then want to pop into the shops, they can just print out a ticket for that time.

“They could make it a nominal amount for the other times the spaces are used.

“But then again it is all about making money nowadays.”