FADED road marking at a busy junction have finally been repainted - months after the Gazette highlighted fears it could lead to an accident.

The mini roundabout road markings at the junction of Trinity Street and Kings Road, in Halstead, were repainted by Essex Highways on Wednesday.

Halstead Town Council had been calling for action for several months.

The markings had faded so much it was hard to distinguish the section of road as a mini roundabout.

Halstead Gazette: Clear - motorists using the new mini roundabout markingsClear - motorists using the new mini roundabout markings (Image: Newsquest)

The junction is by the Esso petrol station and Halstead Public Gardens.

Halstead mayor Jackie Pell welcomed the revamp and said the markings had been worn out for a “long time”.

She said: “We’ve been asking for it for a long time. An Essex county councillor comes to our town meetings and there are always road works brought up in them.

“We’re glad it’s done but it is a shame that we’ve had to go to these lengths to get it sorted.

“If you’re local, you know how dangerous the area has been. Every day there has been a near miss.

“I think we all now feel safer, but we mustn’t be complacent as a lot of people aren’t aware of rules of the road.

"You must give way to the right, but a lot of drivers barge across the roundabout.

“You must always be very wary at that roundabout.”

Halstead Gazette: Worn out - A previous photo of what the mini roundabout looked likeWorn out - A previous photo of what the mini roundabout looked like (Image: Public)

Halstead resident Paul Nunn raised concerns about the junction in October last year.

He said: "If you're coming into Halstead and not familiar, there's no indication as a driver to say it's a roundabout."

Mr Nunn voiced his concerns to Essex Highways and was shocked by the response he received.

At the time, Essex Highways said they investigated and risk-assessed the problem and it was prioritised as "not as serious as some of the other defects we are aware".

In a new statement, Essex Highways said: "Our road markings crew attended the site where they successfully recovered the faded markings at the roundabout.

“In order to maximise our limited resources, we have to prioritise and fix the most urgent issues first.

"We therefore encourage members of the public to report any defects or issues they find through our online Tell Us tool at essexhighways.org/tell-us."