A CINEMA is hosting the premiere of an independent sci-fi thriller which is set to land on the big screen.

The Empire Theatre, in Butler Road, Halstead, will host the regional premiere of rising film director John Clay’s debut release, Voodoonaut, on February 9.

Film fans will have the chance to learn more about the film itself, and how to take a film from concept to release, as the director and some of his team will hold a Q&A after the premiere.

Before the experimental film’s showing, there will also be a short introduction from John.

Halstead Gazette: Film - The Voodoonaut posterFilm - The Voodoonaut poster (Image: PR)

Halstead Gazette: Creative - Film director John ClayCreative - Film director John Clay (Image: PR)

Influenced by the likes of acclaimed directors David Lynch and Maya Daren, the film will feature the story of Lieutenant Julia Earle and her mission to save humanity from an otherworldly threat.

A spokesman for the 274-seat theatre shared some details about the forthcoming film’s plot.

They said: "Lieutenant Earle's consciousness is projected into outer space to negotiate with a UFO on a collision course with Earth, and all is well, until her body disappears.

“Meanwhile, in a shadowy gothic picture house, a young woman with no memory watches Julia's exploits on screen.

“She is challenged by a mysterious caretaker to decipher the meaning of Julia's journey so that she may be granted freedom beyond the picture house's walls.”

The film’s principal cast includes Sofia Martins Gray, Camille Alexander, Barbara Pugilese and Lars Chittka.

Halstead Gazette: Talented - Director John Clay with Voodoonaut actors Barbara Pugilese and Camille AlexanderTalented - Director John Clay with Voodoonaut actors Barbara Pugilese and Camille Alexander (Image: PR)

Halstead Gazette: Spooky - A photo taken from VoodoonautSpooky - A photo taken from Voodoonaut (Image: PR)

A spokesman for the theatre highlighted how it is there to support projects like this.

They said: "As a charity trust and not-for-profit organisation, the Empire Theatre's primary mandate is to support our community and the creative arts.

"We are proud to be able to offer independent directors and films like Voodoonaut our facilities and help provide them with a venue for their work."

Halstead Gazette: Actor - Barvara PugileseActor - Barvara Pugilese (Image: PR)

Halstead Gazette: Gifted - Actor Camille AlexanderGifted - Actor Camille Alexander (Image: PR)

Tickets cost £7.50 and will be available to purchase on the door.

Doors open at 7.15pm for a 7.45pm showing.