A Japanese concentration camp survivor was almost left a prisoner in her own home after a vital piece of equipment was damaged – making it difficult for her to leave the house.

Connie Lauffer, 83, of Abbey Meadows, Sible Hedingham, discovered on January 10 a handrail by her path has been damaged by what she suspects to be a delivery driver reversing along the narrow road.

Her son, who asked not to be named, discovered the twisted handrail by Connie’s front door and was furious.

Retired nurse Connie says delivery drivers repeatedly bang into nearby properties and noticed a driver turning round  in the road earlier in the day.

Halstead Gazette: Damaged - the wonky handrail outside the propertyDamaged - the wonky handrail outside the property (Image: Public)

Halstead Gazette: Angled - The handrail now makes it far more difficult for Connie to get outAngled - The handrail now makes it far more difficult for Connie to get out (Image: Public)

With poor mobility after a hip operation in 2020, she has grab rails around her home and needs to use a 'rollator' mobility aid to get about.

After her son contacted Braintree Council on January 11, Connie is hoping that it will be fixed soon.

She said: “It’s annoying. I have a difficulty getting out of the house. The path is very difficult,

“I need it to be properly fixed, I can’t move it back because it’s concreted in.

“I do get out but with great difficulty. It shouldn’t be like that. I should be able to hang on to my handrail and then use my rollator and leave.

“With the icy weather, who knows what could happen.

“I just want it fixed. That’s all I’m asking so I can get out properly."

Connie, who as a child was held in a Japanese concentration camp during the war, was left having to squeeze past the twisted handrail.

Halstead Gazette: Wonky - Another angle of the damaged handrailWonky - Another angle of the damaged handrail (Image: Public)

A neighbour also claimed delivery drivers have repeatedly cause damage.

They said: “It happens. They just drive off and then the owners of the building, have to pick up the bill which isn’t their fault - it’s the driver’s.

“Connie has been a good neighbour. I haven’t seen damage as bad as that before. The vehicle driver must have known they hit it. I was shocked by the amount of damage caused.”