A TOURIST attraction is inviting visitors to experience an annual snowdrop display.

Each year, Robin’s Grove at Markshall, near Coggeshall, is carpeted with thousands of white snowdrops appearing across the woodland floor – a sign that the warmer months are just round the corner. 

Most types of snowdrop flower in winter, although some flower in early spring and late autumn.

A spokesman said: “Whilst it may be winter, now is the perfect time to get outside in the cool winter’s sun and explore the arboretum for seasonal blooms, including honeysuckle, sweet box, wintersweet and of course the sought-after snowdrops. 

Halstead Gazette: View - SnowdropsView - Snowdrops (Image: Bryan Shaw)

“Open Tuesday to Sunday, and Monday during the February half term, there are plenty of opportunities for families to immerse themselves in the thousands of mid-winter’s loveliest bloom.

“If you’d like to see snowdrops on a mass scale then look no further than Robin’s Grove at Markshall, where there are snowdrops aplenty."

They added: “Historically, Robin’s Grove would have always been home to snowdrops. 

“These would have been the ‘double’ variety - Galanthus nivalis Flore Pleno."

Since the charitable trust was established in 1971, the snowdrop display has been expanded each year by lifting and dividing the clumps in March, after flowering. 

The arboretum and horticulture team have also introduced a few ‘named’ varieties into the collection to widen interest, making the carpet of delicate white blooms at Markshall one of the best to see in Essex.

Becky Stone, marketing manager at Markshall, added: “We’re excited to welcome the return of snowdrops. 

“We are particularly thrilled this year as it is the first February of our new opening hours - Tuesday to Thursday - meaning more families can come and enjoy the snowdrops in Robin’s Grove. 

“It is so lovely seeing visitors posing for family photos and the excitement of seeing Percy Peacock strutting amidst the blooms. It's another example of the incredible work carried out by our arboretum and horticulture Team.”