A “devastated” daughter was left distraught after losing a precious family heirloom.

Linda Stenner, 62, has lived in Halstead for 27 years.

She lost a pendant with sentimental value which belonged to her late mother.

Last Saturday morning, Linda and her husband were out walking their dog, Henry.

Halstead Gazette: Family - Linda with her brother RobertFamily - Linda with her brother Robert (Image: Linda Stenner)

Halstead Gazette: Lovely - An old photo of Linda's mother Edna wearing the pendantLovely - An old photo of Linda's mother Edna wearing the pendant (Image: Linda Stenner)

At about 10.30am, Linda walked along Factory Terrace, in Factory Lane East, cut through Weavers Court, passed Vicarage Meadow, and  near the stretch of road towards the Co-op car park, bent down to put Henry’s leash back on.

Although she didn’t realise the pendant was lost until later in the day, she believes that could have been the moment when the pendant slipped off her neck.

She said: “I retraced my steps, texted my son, and he put a message on Facebook. A lady had found it on Factory Terrace near the Co-op’s car park, but when we got there, it had gone.

“I was devastated. It is something I wear all the time, knowing it is my mum’s, and it was a gift of love from my dad.

Halstead Gazette: In love - Edna and Kenneth ScottIn love - Edna and Kenneth Scott (Image: Linda Stenner)

“It is painful because my mum had it for many years. I feel awful about the situation.”

The pendant, a small gold fan on a snake chain, was given by Linda's dad Kenneth Scott to his wife Edna.

Linda’s oldest known photo of her mother wearing it dates back to 1988.

Linda described Edna as very stoic and a “Yorkshire lass”

Sadly, Edna died in October 2011 after suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Kenneth died at the age of 93 in July this year.

Halstead Gazette: Pair - A very old photo of Edna and Kenneth togetherPair - A very old photo of Edna and Kenneth together (Image: Linda Stenner)

The pendant is a longstanding symbol of their enduring love.

Linda said: “My dad was always giving her things. They were old fashioned, a couple who were very private, but very much in love.

“The pendant has just always been there. It just signifies the love between my parents.

“It’s a symbol of family and it’s a part of you.”

Linda and her family are now offering a £100 reward to anyone who can return the pendant.

If you have the pendant or know anything that may lead to its recovery, please contact Cameron.Poole@newsquest.co.uk with the subject line ‘Missing pendant’.