PENSIONERS had so much fun visiting residents in a care home that they didn't want to go home.

Stephanie Brackley is the manager of CO9 Senior HomeHelp which helps look after elderly people living in their own homes in the Halstead area.

She arranged a special outing for three pensioners who live alone to a nearby care home so they wouldn't feel lonely.

Stephanie said: "I used to work at Forest Home in Sible Hedingham so I thought it would be nice to team up with the care home and take some of my clients there once a month to have the chance to chat to residents.

"We work with people who live at home on their own so I thought it would be good to go there.

"After careful planning we got it all organised and it was great."

The VIP guests had tea and coffee with residents before making chocolate and carrot cakes together.

Stephanie said: "Afterwards me and my ladies and the carers enjoyed singing and dancing with the residents.

"They loved it - one man was singing so loudly"

"It went really well and now they've invited us for lunch next time."

Stephanie says returning to Forest Home was a wonderful experience.

Halstead Gazette: Stephanie Brackley with clients, carers and residents at Forest HomeStephanie Brackley with clients, carers and residents at Forest Home (Image: CO9 Senior HomeHelp)

"That's where I began my career in care," she said.

"I probably wouldn’t have set up my own company if I hadn't started there all those years ago.

"I miss doing all the fun things with the residents.

"I used to do singing and dancing and all the residents used to love it, so I thought this could work well for my clients and their residents.

"I love that home and the staff there were really welcoming to us - we didn't want to go home.

"Now we're looking forward to next time.

"We will be taking more people because they all loved it and now everyone wants to come.

"I'm just so excited about next month."