GOSFIELD School played host to an annual sporting event for the 56th time.

The annual Cut Hedge Cross Country Event saw 500 children take part in an unforgettable day of cross-country racing.

The cross country event saw total of 14 schools battling it out for the prestigious Cut Hedge Shield.

A spokesman said: “Participants from each school brought their A-game, navigating challenging terrains, conquering hills, and showcasing their endurance in a true test of athletic prowess.

“The air was filled with excitement and cheers as runners pushed their limits to cross the finish line.

“Beyond the thrill of competition, the Cut Hedge Cross Country Event was a celebration of unity and community spirit.

“Schools came together not just to compete but to encourage and applaud each other's efforts.

“The camaraderie displayed throughout the event exemplified the essence of sportsmanship and mutual support.

“Here's to the continued legacy of this annual event and the anticipation of the 57th edition, where new challenges and triumphs await on the trails of Cut Hedge Park.”