HALSTEAD Town Council is looking for help making the streets safer off the back of receiving hundreds of thousands of pounds of funding to tackle anti-social behaviour.

The council is recruiting two street wardens to help with the issue after securing of £450,000 of funding to make streets safer.

Braintree Council and the office of the police, fire and crime commissioner for Essex successfully secured £300,223 of funding under the Government’s Safer Streets Fund for investment in specified areas of Halstead.

An additional £150,171 of match funding will be provided by partners to tackle issues which are worrying residents, including anti-social behaviour and crime.

The project will help areas including Ramsey Road, Mount Hill, Chapel Hill, Trinity Road, Halstead High Street, Butler Road and Bridge Street.

The funding will support targeted community projects to tackle neighbourhood crime, such as burglary, robbery, theft and vehicle theft, as well as reducing violence against women and girls.

Each project includes a range of activities to improve the physical environment, promote community involvement and create safer spaces.

This includes investment in redesigning walkways, lighting and CCTV, as well as strengthening community engagement including working with schools, young people and businesses.

A town council spokesman said: “We should be able to feel safe in a small town like Halstead.

“The money will be spent on extending the CCTV coverage in the town, and a provision of positive activities for young people.

“Halstead Town Council is working on this project with Braintree Council, Essex Police, Neighbourhood Watch, the Centre for Action on Rape and Abuse, FusionLifestyle, Halstead Youth Centre, Essex Youth Service and Eastlight Community Homes.

“In addition, two street wardens are being recruited by Halstead Town Council to walk the streets and discourage those who might be thinking of indulging in anti-social behaviour or causing disruption in the community.

“If you would like to work part-time in such a post, for 15 hours per week, over the next 18 months, please get in touch with Halstead Town Council.”

For more information, email townclerk@halsteadtowncouncil.org.uk.