YOUNG wannabe witches and wizards can dust off their wands and spellbooks to take part in a half-term magic school.

Brightworth's School of Magic is opening its doors to welcome the Class of 2023 at Hedingham Castle.

Budding Harry Potters and Hermione Grangers can study a range of subjects from magic wands and potions to enchanted animals and mystical spells.

The classes are hailed as a "truly captivating experience" for fledgling witches and wizards, aged three to 14 years.

The two and a half hour sessions include activities throughout the majestic castle's Norman keep.

Children can join Wand Masters to create their own wands to suit their personal magic style, using special magical flourishes to decorate them.

Spells Class will teach some traditional incantations from Brightworth's top Spell Caster, including one to ward off any unwelcome wizards who may be roaming around.

Visitors can join Professor Greenbottom for a Potions Workshop in his basement laboratory and get their hands on his famous elixirs, making Dragon's Toothpaste, turning water invisible and creating Ogre snot!

And in the Enchanted Animals Enclosure, youngsters can meet some very special magical creatures and find out what role they have to play in the wizarding world.

Guided by the Gameskeeper, they can handle a variety of creatures, including small mammals, reptiles and some very unusual beasts.

Refreshments will be available in the Castle Tearooms throughout the day, and costumes are very welcome - with magical themed outfits encouraged.

Brightworth's School of Magic is at Hedingham Castle from October 22-26. with sessions in the morning and afternoon.

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