A DEDICATED Halstead GP has donated a cherished bicycle to the Re-Cycle charity for a new life in Sierra Leone.

Dr John Markham has worked in Halstead for many years and the bike he donated holds a special place in his heart.

He first acquired it in 1985 as his first proper road bike.

Since then, Dr Markham went on many adventures from training sessions to the remarkable achievement of cycling from Lands End to John O Groats alongside his brothers-in-law.

The bike took Dr Markham through the landscapes of France and Italy, and even up Mount Ventoux in southern France, where its mettle was tested against a formidable 1,579-meter climb with an average gradient of 7.4 per cent.

After years of faithful service, John upgraded to a new carbon fibre ride, leaving his original bike to brave the winter roads. 

After a few years of collecting dust in the shed, it's getting a new lease of life.

John has been volunteering at Re-Cycle for more than four years, generously dedicating his time to the charity. 

His volunteer work involves preparing bicycles to be packed onto containers destined for Africa. 

With this, he played a hands on role in preparing his beloved bicycle for its next chapter. 

Not only did he personally prep the bike, but he also loaded it onto the container bound for Sierra Leone.

The container arrived in Sierra Leone on August 21, marking the beginning of the bike’s next chapter.

Its new owner is 18-year-old Ibrahim, from Lunsar, who is already making waves in the cycling scene.

He has represented Sierra Leone at the Africa Triathlon championships in Egypt at the age of 16.

Halstead Gazette: Recipient - Ibrahim, in Sierra LeoneRecipient - Ibrahim, in Sierra Leone (Image: Submitted)

Now, with his new road bike, Ibrahim is gearing up for more races, both nationally and internationally.

The money spent on the bike goes towards the Village Bicycle Project, an initiative with the aim of empowering communities by fostering and strengthening bicycle culture.

To find out more about Re-Cycle or ways to support the charity visit re-cycle.org/support-us.