A CAT-LOVER'S wishes came true when she got to spend the purr-fect day with her furry, feline friends.

Care home resident Kathy Knopp was eager to spend some quality time with some of her favourite animals Her love for cats started when she was a child, growing up with her family’s pet cat Frisky.

The 66-year-old still hasn't lost any of that animal magic.

She is now in charge of the fish tank at Colne View care home, in Halstead, as well as the proud owner of six pet stick insects.

So when staff found out Kathy is still mad about moggies they decided to stage a paw-some day out.

The team arranged a trip to Halstead's new Meow Cat Cafe, where Kathy and some of her care home friends enjoyed a tasty treat while meeting their new purry pals.

Kathy said: “When I was younger we had a pet cat called Frisky. I always enjoyed having cats around, so when I moved out I got a kitten called Fizz – I loved her.

"She used to follow me everywhere and was so friendly. I loved when she used to sit on my lap for a cuddle and would start purring.

“The cats at the cafe were absolutely adorable – they came straight up to us and were so inquisitive.

"I fell in love with one cat in particular called Alfie. He has such a grumpy face but was so content being stroked by us.”

The visit was part of the home’s Wishing Tree initiative, which makes residents dreams come true, allowing them to reconnect with a past hobby or try something totally new - from enjoying a fish and chip supper to flying a plane.

Home manager Monica Boldeata said: "Everyone here at Colne View knows Kathy is a huge animal lover.

"She’s always sharing fond memories of her time spent with family pets in her younger days – and of her pet stick insects now – so the team knew she’d be delighted to spend an afternoon surrounded by the cats.

“Our Wishing Tree initiative is a great way for residents to share their dreams and passions, and it’s incredibly rewarding to be able to make these a reality.

"Kathy and her friends had a wonderful time meeting Alfie and the rest of the cats and it provided a lovely opportunity to exchange treasured memories.

“I’d like to extend a big thank you to Meow Cat Café Essex for a lovely trip out and to the team here at Colne View for making it possible.

"We’re now considering getting our very own Colne View cat - much to Kathy’s delight.”