THE past was brought back to life as a primary school enjoyed a trip to a history museum.

Year 6 pupils from de Vere Primary School in Castle Hedingham enjoyed unravelling the mysteries of bygone eras at the Natural History Museum.

As this was the year group's last school trip, the Castle Hedingham Parochial Charities wanted to make it the best one possible.

Upon arrival, pupils checked in and went to enjoy an evolution workshop.

Pupil Hollie said: “The instructor, Sam, was very kind and enthusiastic.

“My favourite part was the demonstration of how horses have evolved over time.”

After the workshop and a lunch break, pupils went and looked at different exhibits including the creepy crawlies display, a volcano area and a space display.

There was also a moving earthquake simulator in the style of a Japanese food shop.

“It felt realistic and looked as if a real earthquake had hit,” said pupil Isla.

After spending the afternoon in different exhibitions, the whole group headed back to the lunch hall to eat their second meal and have a small break.

After finishing, pupils stopped for a quick break at the gift shop, spending up to £5.

The school said the whole of Class 6 loved the trip, saying it was a “great end trip”.