A VILLAGE primary school held a special First World War event run by the Heritage Trust.

De Vere Primary School in Castle Hedingham hosted the event for years five and six.

The school wrote First World War-themed poems on biodegradable poppy seed cards which will germinate if put into soil.

Halstead Gazette: SPECIAL WORDS: Pupils with their themed poems on biodegradable poppy seed cardsSPECIAL WORDS: Pupils with their themed poems on biodegradable poppy seed cards (Image: N/A)

It says the plan is to drop them in France from an aeroplane in the near future, so the messages in the poems will be embedded in the ground as a sign of remembrance.

The school also had a VR simulator for students to enjoy, made by Essex University, which was in the style of a First World War plane.

This activity was run by twin brothers Ant and Ed.

Halstead Gazette: AIM AND FIRE: Pupils in the VR simulatorAIM AND FIRE: Pupils in the VR simulator (Image: N/A)

One pupil, Oakley, said: “Since the targets were small, it was hard to aim but I managed to hit two planes,”.

Maddie, from year six, added: “It was my favourite activity because it was my first time on a moving VR. It was amazing,”.

The school also drew, coloured and painted pictures of a dogfight using art supplies, and there were winners chosen and prizes given out.

Isla, from year six, said “I enjoyed the art because I love drawing and it was a relaxed atmosphere.”

There was also a quiz, which was run by William Harrison and was filled with interesting facts and questions.

Will encouraged pupils to think about careers related to planes and shared the history of the first ever planes.

A school spokesman said: “The staff at de Vere hope that this experience will inspire future aviators and mechanics.”