SCHOOLCHILDREN are spreading compassion after opening their own tuck shop to help others.

de Vere Primary School in Castle Hedingham opened the shop for children without a snack at break time.

Each item, which costs 25p each, has been suggested by children at the school.

These include breadsticks, vegetable sticks, milkshake, yoghurt and more.

Amelia from Class 5 said: “I like the tuck shop because if I didn’t have a snack one day I could always buy one."

The Tuck Shop is also a great way for children to practice their economic skills.

Bobby from Year 3 said: “I enjoy practicing handling money and working out how much change I will receive."

Most students from Year 6 have had a go at running the tuck shop, with pupil Porsha from Year 6 saying: “It’s really fun bagging up and prepping the food before we serve it".

Bethany, who is also from Year 6, added: “They have fresh food for cheap prices and they serve quickly.”

In the future, the school hope to change the menu frequently and get more of the pupils involved.